Our first Eat Ethio mixtape!

We keep it old-skool, delving into our 7" record box to lay down a mix compiled purely from our collection of treasured originals. Side A is distinctively Mellow & Moody with 3 tracks up front from Alemayehu Eshete (because we love him) progressing nicely to Side B which gets more soulful and damn right funky!

Side A - Mellow & Moody
Featuring: Orchestra Ethiopia / Alemayehu Eshete / Aster Aweke / Daniel Yohannes / Mahmoud Ahmed / Getachew Kassa / Seifu Yohannes / Mulatu Astatke.

Side B - Soulful & Funky
Featuring: Mulugeta H.Mikael / Muluken Melesse / Getatchew Kassa / Ayalew Mesfin / Birkinesh Wurga / Bahta G.Hiwot / Mahmoud Ahmed / Ali Mohammed Birra.

Intro - Helina / Mix - Scott