It’s been a long time with very little activity from us, but behind the scenes there’s been a lot going on!

After three and half brilliant years in Hong Kong we decided it was time for a change and a chance to reflect, so in 2017 we packed up the spices, pots, pans and records and headed off to Ethiopia to get back to basics, spend time with family and do plenty of cooking with my Mum!

It also turned out to be where I would spend 6 grateful months whilst pregnant. Being kept well nourished by my Mum and my sis before being packed off with a suitcase full of wonderful healing and recovery goodies was a blessing. Those ancient Ethiopian recipes and ingredients helped me postpartum provide as best possible for the little guy now in my life.

Almost a year on and adapting to our new life, we are ready for the next chapter of Eat Ethio and excited to officially announce that we have relocated to London. We intend to be back in Hong Kong and also Shanghai (where it all started) for some one-off events, but for now our focus is here in London, with our first event right around the corner!

We hope to see and feed you all very soon.